Welcome to multi_locus_analysis’s documentation!

MLA is a collection of utilities for analyzing multi-locus particle-tracking data.

Please see one of our various tutorials to get started analyzing diffusing particle trajectories, first passage times, MSDs, correlations, etc. and comparing these to established analytical diffusion theory.

To compute MSDs, velocity correlations, and other time-dependent moments of the trajectory, see Trajectory Statistics. For computing waiting times—given a trajectory that can take multiple different states (such as “paired” and “unpaired”)—see Waiting Times. For examples of comparing the analytical theory of (polymer) diffusions to the data, see Analytical Theory. Custom plotting code used in the theory section is documented in our plotting guide, but for actual example plots, see the other tutorials.

For a full walkthrough of how this code was used to analyze tens of thousands of homologous locus trajectories across dozens of experimental conditions, see the our Analyzing homologous loci example.

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